Web Design in 2019

The past decade has seen the introduction of awesome new technology. Needless to say, the web has been a facilitator of all these new and exciting advancements. In the coming  year, to further encourage accessibility and interaction, 2019 will see sites that are focused on bold colors, illustrations and videos. We’re seeing the leaders in web design leaving behind Stock images and that staid grid layout to softer lines and more graphic oriented designs.


Color makes it or breaks it. We say color and the average client immediately rules out black and white as a palette. Well, News Flash! Black and white is making an entrance for 2019. Websites will be seeing the impressive contrast of black and white, giving us that clean, precise and dramatic impact! Use it with a little dab of color and you’ll be off and running! Illustrations have overtaken the use of stock photography as they offer a more true representation of your client’s vision which is sometimes difficult to achieve with Stock.

Serifs are in!

Rarely do we see much use of serifs on the screen, especially for Headers and Call to Actions. Look for serifs as accent text in 2019. There’s also a movement towards the more organic shapes and lines, less geometric corners. The more natural flow is geared towards making the visitor to your site comfortable, your white space pulling them in to linger amidst the curves of your bold serif fonts. If you love your grids, you can still keep up with the trends by breaking the grid layout. Go out of the box a little, literally.

Many web designers have stayed away from too much video content but Google is now offering mixed search page results, so off we go putting videos back into our sites in order to become searchable. Placing video on your site just for search results can be a decision that doesn’t offset your loading time so use wisely I say, however if you do, it can boost your visibility greatly!

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