Possible Trends for 2016

Apparently the word is that audiences are getting tired of the flashy, highly rendered CGI. Animation will continue to play a strong role in graphic design but the prediction is it will have a more balanced mix of 2D animated elements bringing a unique mix of flat 3 dimensionality. Animation might find more of a place in web design in 2016 as the drive will be to replace the void left by the “death” of flash.

Color is expected to shift towards more usage of RGB pallets which provides more saturation and richness. According to Joel Kreutzer (head of design at Archrival) we will see “… more of a departure from the 60s era color palettes and evolve into the richer colors used in the last two decades of the 20th century. “

In terms of logos, there is possibly going to be a shift from the vintage styled trend to a more modern style. More logos however will begin to implement animation and responsiveness in print and on the web. Design trends will be affected heavily by the draw towards mobile devices and mobile is deemed to influence print. Designs are already bigger, bolder and cleaner and as technology gives us high-quality retina displays, look for big pictures and videos in web.

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Carol came to Florida in 2004 after spending 19 years in New York. She has a solid background in Print and Entertainment design and now partners with Design Ninjaz doing web design and branding.

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