Geometric Patterns Add Style and Impact

Using geometric patterns to complement your designs can be very appealing, if done correctly the results can be stunning! Just slapping a nice pattern on your design doesn’t make it work because it’s the same color scheme or it’s appealing to your sense of creativity. The key is to make sure it complements what you have done so far, that it functions, supports and fits your product. A carefully worked geometric pattern can add life or elegance to your designs. I have attached an example of a well used geometric pattern on a simple organic brown card design done by Smitten Studio. The green complements the earthy tone of the design without taking anything away from its simple impact and the result is amazing!

About Carol McDonald

Carol came to Florida in 2004 after spending 19 years in New York. She has a solid background in Print and Entertainment design and now partners with Design Ninjaz doing web design and branding.